Here are just a few ideas for your consideration. Custom pieces can be made of just about anything you can imagine or, together, we can find. Let's talk about your dream piece of custom jewelry.


Freeform Triangle-Cut Cobalto Calcite

  • Size: 32 x 13.5mm
  • Best use: Large Stone would look best as a ring or in a cuff
  • What makes this stone unique: This stone restores motivation and helps accelerates growth and development and raise the consciousness of its wearer. This stone is also useful in healing past life situations.

Pear-Shaped New Lander Chalcosiderite

  • Size: 32 x 18mm
  • Best use: Large Stone so would look best as a ring or in a cuff
  • What makes this stone unique: This stone is a rare copper/iron phosphate mineral related to turquoise. This specific kind is only found on one ranch (The Lander Ranch) in Nevada. Since it is a direct cousin of turquoise it has similar properties such as restoring calmness, relieving stress, helping with communication through spiritual understanding, and helps to moderate anger.

Triangle Rutilated Quartz

  • Size: 16 x 19mm
  • Best use: This would be great as a ring, cuff or necklace
  • What makes this stone unique: This is a great stone for bringing love into your life as well as stability into your life. Also great for diminishing fears and assisting with decision-making processes. It helps greatly with spiritual growth and helps with letting go of the past.

Small Pear-Shaped Druzy

  • Size: 19.5 x 13.5mm
  • Best use: Would look great in a ring, cuff, or necklace
  • What makes this stone unique: Druzy quartz is made up of many tiny crystals on a larger crystal formation. When the druzy has been treated with a titanium coating in a vacuum chamber it adds a cobalt, purple, or rainbow color. Druzy is known to bring positivity and battle depression and anxiety by balancing it’s wearer’s emotional self and helping them to see their own inner light. it is also worn to help strengthen the immune system.

Marquis Rose Quartz

  • Size: 16.8 x 25mm
  • Best use: Would look great as a ring, in a cuff, or necklace
  • What makes this stone unique: Pink is the color of love, so this stone is perfect for bringing new love and relationships in your life. Light Pink Rose Quartz like this stone helps with self-growth, determination, commitment and is great for meditating.

Pear-Shaped Larimar

  • Size: 35 x 28mm
  • Best use: Very large stone would look great on a cuff, possibly large necklace piece
  • What makes this stone unique: Larimar is a rare stone known as the Dolphin stone since it is only found in one place in the world, the Dominican Republic. This is where Atlantis is said to have been. Legend has it that this stone was used to help enhance communication with dolphins. This stone is connected to your throat chakra, and helps with communication, and is great for helping to soothe and heal emotional stress. It is also great for enhancing creativity.