“No piece will ever be exactly the same. Whether it's that one special stone or a mixture of your favorite metals and a favorite found relic. I am excited to work with you to make your vision come to life.”


Here are a few selected samples of custom projects and the stories that motivated the final pieces. Enjoy!

This custom piece was created with a gorgeous larimar stone that I repurposed from a previous necklace. I saw a vision for this stone and envisioned it as a cuff but held onto to it until I was commissioned to create a piece. When a close friend asked for a sterling silver cuff I knew this would be the perfect stone. I used twisted and etched wire to decorate the sides and back of the cuff. This is a one of a kind piece that can be created again with a similar design and different stone.
This custom piece was created for a best friend of mine. She had wanted a double terminated black tourmaline necklace to wear everyday for grounding and energy balancing. Black tourmaline is an amazingly powerful stone that many people wear or carry with them for grounding since it absorbs and dispels negative energy the best of any stone. This necklace is accented with is created with 18 karat gold plated brass wire, and placed on a moonstone and gold fill wire wrapped chain. This piece can be recreated.
These earrings were custom created for someone who actually went with me to a crystal shop to pick out the perfect black tourmalines, knowing he wanted them to be earrings. Black tourmalines are the perfect energy grounding stone to wear everyday. These one of a kind earrings that were based off of a pair of sterling silver dragonfly earrings that I made previously, but ended up adding a few extra black tourmalines and moon accents to make them extra special and unique, then had them rose gold plated. These also can be re-created.