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A Night to Shine!
February 13, 2018

Culture Cache Event was Fantastic!

The Culture Cache was billed as a celebration of Art, Music, Food and Cocktails – and it did not disappoint!

We brought in the new moon on January 13th with a pop up event by Chi town’s local entrepreneur popup collaborator Sam Garza. Sam threw her first event with her newly created collaborating networking company Rich N Culture. This company is going to be putting together local pop up events around Chicago supporting local artists and bringing together a community.

The vibes and crowds at Pop up events are always diverse, fun and lively, and everyone comes to support fellow local artists and mingle with creative and like-minded people. I was one of the featured local artists, along with Photography by AngieStar, and awesome pieces of apparel by local artist Daily Routine. There was also a make your own elote bar, light refreshment bar, and music by local DJ Sal Medina.

I was able to mingle with new acquaintances and old friends alike. In this picture, I was talking to my friend Kendra about how I create certain pieces. That particular one was one of my best selling pieces created with Solar Quartz. Solar Quartz is one of the staple stones that I use because it is an emotionally uplifting stone, and instills personal strength in its wearer. I especially like to create solar quartz pieces in winter because it is particularly dreary and dark out and sometimes a beautifully delicate and uplifting piece of jewelry is all you need to turn your day around. Plus it’s white and white goes with pretty much everything.

I also realized at this show that combining stones for elaborate centerpiece necklaces is something that I definitely need to start doing more often. I combined multiple turquoise stones with moonstone for a one of a kind custom piece and received a lot of inquiries and requests for similar custom pieces so I made a mental note to at least one of those pieces going forward.

Why I love Moonstone and Turquoise together?

Moonstone is a stone for “new beginnings.” It was only appropriate to incorporate it in a piece at the beginning of the 2018 calendar year. It also is a stone of inner growth and strength and is said to help its wearer with business matters and good fortune. Turquoise is a very powerful stone, most commonly known to be connected to the throat chakra, giving its wearer the strength to speak their truth, and have clear communication with others. Since it is also a stone of strength (strengthen the connection to spirit) the two are a powerful combination and look beautiful when paired together, as Moonstone is light clear stone with a bluish tint.

I look forward to creating more powerful combinations for future custom pieces but will continue to use Moonstone and Turquoise as they are easily some of my favorite combinations.

Until next time!

Robin Holmer
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Robin Holmer
Robin Holmer
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